Sentinel for climate change

Tohorā – southern right whales are a sentinel for climate change. Their recovery depends on the health and productivity of the Southern Ocean, a rapidly changing part of the world.

Southern Ocean Research Partnership for whale research

The Southern Ocean Research Partnership (SORP) is an integrated, collaborative consortium for non-lethal whale research. SORP aims to maximise conservation outcomes for Southern Ocean whales through an understanding of the post-exploitation status, health, dynamics and environmental linkages of their populations, and the threats they face. Emma Carroll and Els Vermeulen are co-leads for the theme on southern right whales that is linking population recovery and dynamics and health with foraging ecology.

Aotearoa New Zealand: An important part of SORP

The Auckland Islands Maungahuka is a unique wintering ground as males, females, adults and juveniles congregate here during winter. Most other tohorā – southern right whale wintering grounds have far more mums and calves. This unique place and whale population means that what we learn here tells us about the whole population, and provides insight into the whales that are seen less often in other wintering grounds, such as adult males and juvenile whales.